NoZwet® Condensation Control System
NoZwet® Condensation Control System
NoZwet is a significant addition to the Hydroseal product range that was recently introduced to the USA from Britain where it has experienced a 30 – year performance success record. We should have done this years ago. NoZwet is a spray-on insulating coating that provides extraordinary results. When applied to the interior ceiling of metal, concrete, and specifically uninsulated roofing systems, NoZwet provides a warmer environment to negate the ‘cold-bridge’ effect. The finished NoZwet coating effectively increases surface area, making it extremely difficult for condensation to form. In extreme conditions under which condensation droplets are likely to fall to the area below, NoZwet simply absorbs the water at a rate of 1 liter per square yard. NoZwet eliminates the potential for pooling water to damage equipment, cargo, stored goods, working surfaces, and even the possibility for ice formation on the floor, presenting a dangerous working environment with the prospect of lawsuits.

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