HeatShield® coolroof system
HeatShield® coolroof system
HeatShield is RoofMate product plus the addition of ceramic beads to provide an enhanced thermal barrier on the building–s roof by way of high reflectivity and high emissivity. White HeatShield provides excellent cool roof properties, altering the radiant heat of the roof surface to match the ambient temperature. HeatShield takes that cool roof effect to another level by 75% reflectivity; which is reflecting 75% of the sun–s ultra-violet rays away from the roof surface and, 95% emissivity; which is emitting 95% of the heat from the surface. The benefits to the building owner of applying a HeatShield system is to weatherproof, waterproof, protect and preserve the existing roof substrate and also reduce the energy costs involved in the operation of the building at the same time.

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