We’re here to improve your sales

Hydroseal Waterproofing Systems is a full support operation. We do not expect you, the contractor, to know everything about our products and we absolutely do not want a scenario whereby the wrong product is being used for the wrong application. That doesn’t do anything for your reputation, or for ours.

Consequently, we shall undertake to review and assess roofing and waterproofing scenarios with you. We will never propose an Hydroseal product solution just to sell you something. If the situation calls explicitly for a silicon based product, for example, we shall advise you so, even though we lose a sale. Far better we keep the contractor happy and have him come back to us than us squander that relationship for quick money.

Don’t fear the warranty We want your business!

Hydroseal is well aware that a warranty can kill a sale. We want to enhance your business, not damage it. Consequently, an Hydroseal Warranty is a user-friendly document that will not frighten your clients off.

Visit our Warranty Quick Pick Page. Show your client his roof substrate, then have him select his warranty preference. From there a click on that preference’s warranty requirements will take you to the Hydroseal system page where you and the client get to see exactly the scope of work required. If he doesn’t like the price you quote for that degree of work, have him pick a different warranty and a different scope of work….simple as that.

We have established application millage requirements that determine 10, 15, or 20 years (and 25 years under a rooftop solar application) and our Reps will help you ensure your work meets the required standards.

Additional Resources

In this section, you will find a range of pdf’s to help you work with Hydroseal:A cheat sheet to help you work out what you might need for each project you undertake, another cheat sheet with our average coverage rates per product, Hydroseal Purchase Orders and Product Lists, all prepared in an easy to use fashion. Just download, fill out the detail, then fax or scan and send it to us. We do the grunt work from there.

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