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 In 2001, Mr. Evans established American Hydroseal LLC and Hydroseal Changsha LLC, Hydroseal LLC is a world leader in the manufacture of environmentally-friendly roofing coating and waterproof systems, our products are formulated to provide permanent solution for water ingress throughout the entire build envelope. Hydroseal profession support team brings over 60 years of field experience and technical expertise.

In 2001, Hydroseal LLC had been licensed by Hydro-Stop to manufacture and market the complete range of Hydro-Stop products, throughout China and Asia, utilizing only and all the original formulas. Hydro-Stop is the largest supplier of liquid applied acrylic coatings in the world now. Carl Evans was a founder member of Hydro-Stop and was representative for Asia.

In 2004, Evans established Youjin Hydroseal LLC in Seoul, Korea.

In 2015, Grafo Products Ltd (UK) has granted American Hydroseal LLC to manufacture and market the high quality Anti Condensation Coating in Asian, utilizing its intellectual property rights.

Since 2001, Hydroseal Changsha LLC has been rated by ISO9001/ISO14001, National Hi-tech Enterprise, China Environmental Label, Qianhai Shenzhen Listed Companies and supported by National Science and technology Funds.

Hydroseal Changsha LLC has manufactured and successfully applied billions of square feet of these, highly specialized, waterproofing products throughout Asia.

Additionally, Hydro-Seal has developed other products, of similar style and formula design, to satisfy the specific requirements of the China and Asian markets.

Until now, Hydroseal LLC is the only company who own the invention patent of metal roof waterproof coating in China and always the leader in the industry of metal roof waterproofing, cool roof and metal roof anti-corrosive coating systems in China and Asia.

Imitated by many, surpassed by none.

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